Pirelli International RallyPirelli International RallyPirelli International Rally

2019 Historic Crews Comments after Stage 1

Reporter: Robin Ellison at the End of Stage 1 – Whitesike
No          Driver     Co-Driver             
1             Matthew Robinson            Dave Robson        good surface front tyres need changing, wehave.
2             Nick Elliott            Dave Price            Ok no room for error happy times
3             Joe Price Chris Brooks         spun too fast in to a L hander lost 10 secs
4             Stanley Orr           Graham Henderson           could have been better – no grip but good start to the day
5             Simon Webster    Jez Rogers            terrible – no power from start – throttle jam
6             Alan Walker         Wil Rogers           
7             Ben Friend            Cliff Simmons      finding our feet in new BDA stopped to help car 6 after roll  crew OK
8             Derek Ayson        Dale Furniss         was ok easing into it
9             Rob Smith            Alun Cook             not too bad very cautious
10           Adrian Hetherington          Ronan O’Neill       very nerve wracking 1st time out in a few months very fast
11           Steve Bennett      Osian Owen          very cautious very reasonable
12           Phil Burton           Dylan Thomas      slippy but steady – happy to be here and smiling
14           Rudi Lancaster     Guy Weaver         very marbley but OK I guess
15           James Slaughter  Jamie Edwards     slippy like on ice – nice and easy – cannot push
16           Henri Grehan       Jack Bowen          all good – it is a wakeup call
17           John Perrott         Andrew Sankey    mama mia – hellishly slippy
18           Josh Browne         Jane Edgington    very fast cannot afford to be off line
19           Barry Stevenson-Wheeler John Pickavance  very slippy wakes you up – typically Kielder
20           James Potter        Bob Duck              quite slippy “not keen on the speed as I only have little balls”
21           Chris Browne       Ali Cornwell-Browne          very scary – nervous and careful
22           Chris Skill              Tom Murphy        steady start – last section was quite twitchy
23           Leigh Armstrong Christopher Armstrong     not been in a forest for 18 months – great fun
24           David Kynaston   Andy Conibear     wakeup call – 1st gravel rally since 2017
25           Paul Street           Ian Jones              very enjoyable a bit rough
26           Lee Ashberry        Terry Mallin         good stage slippier than anticipated
27           David Lloyd Roberts           Dei Jones              could have been quicker got excited and missed the chicane
28           Gary Smith           Phil Clarke            a bit loose but no problems
29           Mike Tomkinson Shaun Whitehurst              very slippy but enjoyable
30           Phil Squires          Mick Squires        stage was great – driver not as great “there are trolls in them ditches – steer well clear”
31           Josh Carr               Adrian Wilford     handbrake stuck on last section
32           Jeremy Easson     Mike Reynolds     very fast – steer clear of the ditches
33           Andy Turner         Steve Harris         thought we had a puncture – just turns out it was just very slippy
34           Andrew Robinson               Kevin Wilson        Mint – slow start but loved it
35           Steve Magson      Kevin Bardon       very slippy car fabulous – really enjoyed it
36           Phil Jobson           Chris Sheridan     good way to wake up – neat and tidy
37           David Dobson      Steve Pugh           stage is floaty – very quick on soft tyres
38           Tim Metcalfe        Caron Tomlinson very slippy – lost time in a chicane
39           John Lowe            Jamie Forrest       very good – few cars off towards end – 1st time in Kielder – mint experience
40           Jim Robertson      Mike Curry           Frightening speed but loved it – no problems
41           Walter Henderson              Jim Kinloch          
42           Mike Reed            David Shepherd   All right
43           Tom Coughtrie     Ian Fraser            
44           David Brown        Steve Bielby         very slippy – in need of a finish
45           Dave Forrest        Charlie Carter       loose, keeps you awake
46           Stuart Cariss        Linda Cariss          pulled up for a bail – lost 10 seconds
48           Nick Kitching        Andrew Trollope  twitchy
49           Paul Holmes         Elizabeth Beesley trying to stay need very cautious
50           Robert Rook         Simon Pickard      tricky and slippy,
51           Tommy Alexander Heard   Ian McCutehon   
52           Linzi Henderson   Tom Hynd            very loose at start, good grip towards the end
53           Anthony Harrison Simon Barnes       scary – 1st time here – rude awakening
54           Philip Atkinson    Louise Gilks         
55           Bob Bean              Malcolm Smithson             very slippy as per usual – typically Kielder
56           Jim Stephenson   Sam Spencer        very enjoyable, loose at the end
57           Keith Davison       Henry Richardson              
58           Paul Rawson        Paul Wild             
59           Rob Graham         Helen Harkness  
60           George Clarke      David Vardy         quite alright – 1st ever rally – slow and steady
61           Chris Lawson        Richard Wardle    stuck behind car for two miles – was alright
62           Malcolm Mounsey             Ron Mounsey      very rough, tough to keep it on the road