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2019 BRC Crews Comments after Stage 1

Reporter: Robin Ellison at the End of Stage 1 – Whitesike

No          Driver     Co-Driver              Comments
1             Matt Edwards      Patrick Walsh       No probs, very loose and slippy
2             Tom Cave             Dale Bowen          Coulnt see much – steamed up window
3             David Bogie          John Rowan          OK, very good as a whole, didn’t have a lot od speed into chicanes
4             Jari Huttunen       Antti Linnaketo    Struggling, lost a lot of time in middle of stage
6             Rhys Yates            James Morgan     Hard work, windows steamed up
8             Stephen Petch     Michael Wilkinson             Eye opener, tricky and slippy
9             Alex Laffey            Stuart Loudon      Rubbish!  Stopped for mechanical reason half way through the stage
10           Mat Smith            Giles Dykes           Started heavy rain midway, slippy, no silly mistakes – good clean run
11           Michael Binnie     Richard Simmonds             Not committing – loosing major time in chicanes – but a fine start
12           James Wilson       Arthur  Kierans    Front left puncture, caught by three cars
14           William Creighton              Liam Regan           Had to follow Wilson for a mile, might have puncture ourselfs
17           Josh McErlean      Keaton Williams  Very slippy on breaking, rain making it incredibly difficult
18           Marty Gallagher  Dean O Sullivan   Very slippy, keep loosing the back end on corners
19           Jordan Hone         Aileen Kelly          Had to reverse a few times in chicanes, bvery messey
20           Enda McCormack Colin Fitzgerald    Had a few moments, very slippy
21           Steve Petch          John Richardson  Quick and slippy – all part of the excitment
22           Finlay Retson       Richard Crozier    Good – slippy – rough
23           Ruairi Bell             Darren Garrod    
24           Bart Lang              Sinclair Young     
25           Scott Sloan           David Sloan          Awful, trying to get confidence back after an accent
26           Trevor Gamble     Ronnie Roughead Very good, quite hairy, not trying too hard.
31           Wayne Thompson              Matt Duncan        Stopped midway dropped over a minute, almost in a ditch
32           Tyrone Westall    Fred Richardson  Slippy but always good fun
33           Keith Harvey        Billy Norton          First time on gravel – << Swore>>  “wow”
34           Barry Connolly     Matthew Gudgeon             A lot of movement in the back
35           Rob Barr Danny Hedges      SHakey – tough last one on road
101        Matthew Robinson            Dave Robson       
108        Derek Ayson         Dale Furniss