Pirelli International Rally 2017 – Stage Reports – Driver Comments – BRC

Reporters: Robin and Chris Ellison


After Stage: SS8



1 Fredrik Ahlin Not too happy – over use of tyres – grest event – happy to win – very steady – gutted for Osian
3 Osian Pryce Great Morning last 2 stages  – no handbrake – reversing on every chicane – lost a lot of time – happy with second – bring on the next round
5 David Bogie Grate day – won 4 out of 4 stages – kept out of trouble – car was on form
7 Martin McCormack Chuffed – great pace in morning – over the moon with a podium finish – thought it was all over yesterday on final stage – happy to finish
10 Rhys Yates Good day steady away – happy with the pojnts and no dramas – huge learning curve – stages incredibly fast
11 Jamie Anderson Eventful – lost 4th and 5th gear on stage 7 – happy to finish
14 Matt Edwards Better day with no dramas – kept consistency and got so much more confidence – all about the points
17 Alex Laffey Loads better – better face – more consistant times – happy to gain championship points
18 Tom Preston Geat day a lot better – achieved target of top ten finish – everything was great
23 William Creighton Elated to Win the event class
24 Meirion Evans Not too bad until final stage – oil sensor cut us off – most important thing is we scored points
25 Callum Devine Was a good start – no too good towards the end – battered left front tyre – cost us time – buzzing to finish on a podium