As we enter our 27th year of continuous support from Pirelli Tyres, and the 42nd year of running the Pirelli Rally we are fortunate to be included as a round of soo many great championships:

  • FIA Celtic Rally Trophy
  • British Rally Championship
  • FUCHS Lubricant Motorsport UK British Historic Rally Championship
  • HRCR Motoscope Northern Historic Gravel Rally Championship
  • ANECCC SG Petch Stage Rally Championship
  • Race & Rally Rally2 Championship

The organising team is delighted to run a compact one-day rally, making use of the best stages from Kielder Forest, as well as providing a warm friendly welcome to competitors.

Scrutineering for the 2019 event will be held in the Rally’s Welcome Centre in H & H Group premises at Rosehill Industrial Estate on Friday 26th April. On Saturday morning, the cars will start from Carlisle before moving onto Kielder Forest, on it’s wide, smooth, flowing roads. The main service areas will be based in the Kielder area. The cars will return to Brampton town centre for the finish and award giving presentation.

FIA Celtic Rally Trophy

The FIA Celtic Rally Trophy is part of the FIA European Rally Trophy, which broadly follows the same technical and sporting regulations as the European Rally Championship. Three categories are contested:

RC2 – eligible R4, R5, NR4, and S2000 cars.
RGT – R-GT cars.
RC 3 – eligible R2, R3, Group A 1600cc to 2000cc, and Super 1600 cars.
RC4 – eligible R2, Kit-cars up to 1600cc, Group A up to 1600cc, and Group N 1600cc to 2000 cc cars.
RC5 – eligible R1 and Group N up to 1600cc cars.

British Rally Championship

Within the British Rally Championship, we have classes for cars with engines of just 1000cc right up to the Porsches with their 3600cc engines and that is before you get into those with turbochargers or two more driven wheels than others. Variety is the spice of life!

BRC1 – R5/S2000 cars.
BRC Production Cup – Group NR4 over 2000cc.
Motorsport UK Junior BRC – R2 cars, for drivers under 26 years old.
Cadet BRC – R2 cars, for drivers under 25 years old.
BRC3 – R3, Group A 1600cc to 2000cc, and Super 1600 cars.
BRC4 – R2, Group A up to 1600cc, Kit-car up to 1600cc, and Group N 1600cc to 2000cc cars.
BRC5 – R1 and Group N up to 1600cc cars.
National Rally Cup – Open to all MSA log-booked cars, both two-wheel and four-wheel drive.

FUCHS Lubricant Motorsport UK British Historic Rally Championship

The FUCHS Lubricant Motorsport UK British Historic Rally Championship will be a National ‘A’ status championship catering for cars from MSA historic Categories:

Category One (pre-1968).
Category Two (1968-74).
Category Three (1975-81).
Category Four A (1981-85).
Category Four B (1986-90).
Category K – FIA Appendix K cars (pre-1986).

The championship is for all competitors in historic cars with particular emphasis placed on keeping the Category One cars active. A firm application of Motorsport UK and FIA technical regulations will be maintained.

HRCR Motoscope Northern Historic Gravel Rally Championship

The Motoscope Northern Historic Championship is a National ‘B’ status championship and runs to the same categories as the Mintex MSA Historic Rally Championship. As listed below

Category One (pre-1968).
Category Two (1968-74).
Category Three (1975-81).
Category Four (1981-85).

The championship is regarded as one of the premier regional championships and is going from strength to strength each year.

SG Petch A.N.E.C.C.C. Stage Rally Championship

The aim of the Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs (A.N.E.C.C.C.) championship is to give the clubman competitor the opportunity to compete in some of the best rallies in Cumbria, Southern Scotland, and the North East of England.

The National ‘B’ status Championship will be held under the general regulations of the Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and will consist of five classes for drivers and co-drivers.

Class 1. Up to 1400cc.
Class 2. 1401cc to 1600cc.
Class 3. 1601cc to 2000cc.
Class 4. 2001cc and over.
Class 5. All 4WD cars.

Race & Rally Rally2 Championship

Promoted by the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club, Rally 2 will follow the newly announced Rally 2WD format, which has been widely praised as a rejuvenation of rallying for the 2wd fraternity.

A low cost, exciting “Challenge” run by enthusiasts, the focus will be on enjoyment, camaraderie, and the benefit of having potentially first-class forest conditions thanks to the new format with a family-style atmosphere.

Classes are simple and ensure pretty much any 2wd car can take advantage of the format, with the chance of an extra achievement at the end of the year. Classes are as follows:

T14 – cars up to 1400cc.
T16 – cars up to 1601cc.
One-Four – cars up to 1400cc.
Open – cars 1401cc – 2000cc.
Open-Plus – Cars over 2001cc.

Land Rover

The event team is delighted to welcome back both the Armed Forces Land Rovers, as well as other Land Rover enthusiasts. Over the many years competing on the “Pirelli” these guys and girls have always been a very much-appreciated part of our event and their spirited driving a joy to watch.


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