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2019 BRC Crews Comments after Stage 2

Reporter: Steven Batey, Located at The Forks after Stage 2
No          Driver    Co-Driver             Comments
1             Matt Edwards    Patrick Walsh     Had a funny feeling at the back of the car, no confidence
2             Tom Cave            Dale Bowen        SS2 very difficult windows steaming up
3             David Bogie        John Rowan       
4             Jari Huttunen      Antti Linnaketo  No problems, Difficult stages, 1st time here
6             Rhys Yates          James Morgan   1st Stage was difficult, enjoying, happy with Rally
8             Stephen Petch   Michael Wilkinson           Both stages very slippery, therefore not driving fast enough
9             Alex Laffey          Stuart Loudon    Front left puncture, trying to make uplost time
10           Mat Smith           Giles Dykes         Enjoyed the stages
11           Michael Binnie   Richard Simmonds          
12           James Wilson     Arthur  Kierans
14           William Creighton            Liam Regan        
17           Josh McErlean    Keaton Williams               Big moment on stage 2
18           Marty Gallagher               Dean O Sullivan  Slow puncture given issues
19           Jordan Hone       Aileen Kelly         Not used to new car therefore not enjoying git
20           Enda McCormack             Colin Fitzgerald  Gone off 4 times – a lot to sort at service!
21           Steve Petch         John Richardson              
22           Finlay Retson     Richard Crozier  Really enjoyed 2nd Stage, 1st Rally with own notes
23           Ruairi Bell            Darren Garrod  
24           Bart Lang            Sinclair Young   
25           Scott Sloan          David Sloan         No confidence in the car
26           Trevor Gamble   Ronnie Roughead            Car Fine but low on fuel
31           Wayne Thompson            Matt Duncan      Mechanical issues on Stage 1
32           Tyrone Westall  Fred Richardson               A lot of deep cut and very slippy
33           Keith Harvey       Billy Norton        1st Event on gravel
34           Barry Connolly   Matthew Gudgeon          Slippery and lot of ruts
35           Rob Barr              Danny Hedges    Survived a big moment – unfortunately in front of photographers
101        Matthew Robinson         Dave Robson     
108        Derek Ayson       Dale Furniss